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Becker Interactive eBook

Qualifying for your ACCA exams requires adequate preparation and conscious efforts to close the knowledge gap between what examiners expect students to know and what students think they are to know.

Many students have resorted to all manner of materials for their ACCA exam preparation including downloading all manner of unapproved, unverified video and audio materials for their exam preparation without been sure of the authority of the author to have produce or generated such documents.

Remember if you prepare with wrong materials especially videos or audio not verified by ACCA you stand greater risk of been misinformed about the examiners requirement which will result in gross failure and demotivated.



You might have sat for a particular paper over and over and might have attended lectures over and over but yet no result. Are you thinking of quitting ACCA exams because of all the setbacks? Have you done careful analysis about what might been the course? Remember you cannot be doing the same thing and be expecting different result?

It is an establish fact that many students that even attend live lecture takes about thirty to forty minutes to settle down in class not to even talk of days you were absent due to one thing or the other including days where you were in class but you were just not in the mood to learn.

Are you at the University studying Accounting or preparing for ACCA? Do you most especially find it difficult to go about your assignment due to lack of updated and authentic material at your disposal? Are you tired of surfing the internet and just accepting every definition you get online without resort to its validity?

Are you the type of student that love to prepare for exams but have tight work schedule and you cannot afford to sacrifice your weekend for lectures but instead prefer to stay with your family? Or you want to attend lectures but there is no lecture center closer to you?

Are you a tuition provider without proper delivery structure or course material for your students and standard monitoring test, study questions and mock exams to introduce to your student? Then talk to us now on our hotlines!!!

Irrespective of your challenges, that can never change the mode and structure of ACCA exams and hence all aspiring candidates need to adjust themselves to expectation of the examiner and not to expect the examiner to adjust their standard.

There is good news for all these classes of people as Becker Professional Education an ACCA Gold- Content provider is working with its official partner GM Global Consulting to makes its new Interactive e-Book available to support your personal study plan or serve as a backup even if you attend live lectures.

This Interactive e-Book is approved by ACCA meaning that you can be sure of what you are reading, listening or watching and be rest assured that it’s in in line with exact expectation of your examiner. Why don't you take advantage the Interactive e-Book from Becker and overcome your limitations.

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