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Online Learning Support

Becker Professional Education’s Online Learning Premium Package

We provide our classroom students with free access to Becker’s online learning programme to support you through your studies.  The Premium Package includes the following study materials and learning tools:

Study Programme: An overview of the materials available for your paper and will provide you with guidance on the order in which to complete the programme.

Online Access to ACCA Approved Content Provider study materials: Becker’s Study System, Study Question Bank and Revision Question Bank, which are reviewed by ACCA’s examining team to ensure they are of the highest quality.

New Study System Interactive eBook: Becker’s state of the art Interactive eBook (IeB) comprises the Approved Content Study System eBook with embedded learning tools to support you in your learning.  Available to view online via a web-based learning portal or offline, via Becker’s unique software, the Interactive eBook provides you comprehensive coverage of the entire syllabus as well as explanatory illustrations, examples, key points and exam advice.  The full features of the Interactive eBook are as follows:

·         Ability to study online (via Becker’s web portal) or offline by downloading the software directly to your windows based computer Video Introductions to each session of the book with visual overviews and a study “check list”

  • Approximately 15 hours of expert tutor audio lectures per paper
  • As the student listens, the tutors create notes, comments, underline and highlight key areas
  • Question examples are interactive – students enter answers directly on their screen, with the ability to check correct or incorrect responses or see the final solutions
  • Students can hide tutor notes and make their own comments, use highlighters, underline and use sticky notes right on the screen
  • Ability to print a session at a time, with or without any comments or notes
  • End of session quiz to test your knowledge as you are learning
  • The Study Question Bank is directly linked to the Study System for ease of reference and is also available to print in its entirety from within the Interactive eBook.

Two Monitoring Tests: These are to test your progress in the learning phase of your studies and your Study Programme will provide you with guidance on when best to sit them to assess your progress and to identify any areas of weakness.  Download both questions and suggested answers as PDF files.

Revision Question Bank: Exam standard questions together with full answers to help in your final revision.  Downloadable as a PDF file.

Mock Exams: Sitting a mock exam under exam conditions is the best preparation for the real exam – Becker’s Premium Package contains two Mock Exams – one of which you receive access to the Questions and Answers and a second Mock which you can submit to Becker for marking and feedback.

Revision Essentials: A condensed, easy-to-use learning tool that summarizes the key points of the syllabus and the most important communications from the examiner, technical articles and feedback and analyses the content of the examinations.

Exam Skills Online Presentation: This presentation outlines the essential exam skills necessary to have confidence in passing ACCA examinations. Including 13 expectations of the examiners, the one reason why students fail (and how to avoid it) and 11 things to do in reading and planning time it gives valuable insights in preparing to pass.

Question Time Revision lectures: Expert lecturers will demonstrate using real questions and whiteboards, how to approach a range of revision questions to show students how to prepare their answers, where to pick up marks and how to avoid common mistakes. 6 Revision Question Time lectures per paper







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DipIFR - Online Courses

The role of International Financial Reporting Standards in today’s business environment is becoming increasingly signification and studying for, and achieving this qualification with will provide you with the knowledge, understanding and application of International Financial Reporting Standards and the concepts and principles which underpinthem.


·         Understand and explain the structure of the international professional and conceptual framework of accounting

·         Apply relevant financial reporting standards to key elements of financial reports

·         Identify and apply disclosure requirements for companies relating to the presentation of financial reports and notes

·         Prepare financial statements of single entities and account for their key elements complying with specified International Financial Reporting Standards and other related pronouncements

·         Prepare group financial statements (excluding group cash flow statements) including subsidiaries, associates, and joint ventures.

Our partner, Becker Professional Education has been awarded ACCA Approved Content Provider status for its study materials for the DipIFR examination and has years of experience of writing materials and delivering courses for candidates all over the world studying for this internationally recognised qualification.

Recognising that people like to study in many different ways, Becker Professional Education has introduced a wide range of online programmes andstudy materials packages to aid you in your studies for this qualification.

For the December 2014 examination, we will be offering the following online courses:

Premium Plus

10 of recorded online teaching lectures and 6 recorded revision lectures with full access to all of Becker’s electronic DipIFR materials


Revision Plus

6 recorded online revision focused lectures with full access to all of Becker’s’s electronic DipIFR materials


Materials only (electronic)

Becker’s Approved Content Provider Study System, Study Question Bank, Revision Question Bank, 2 Monitoring Tests with answers, 1 Mock Exam with answers to download as PDF Files


Materials – individual elements

Each of Becker's Approved Content Provider materials can be bought individually

From N7500.00

Mock Exam and marking service

Submit an unseen mock exam to Becker Professional Education for marking and detailed feedback on your progress


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