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Executive Training


Executive Training; this is where GM Global offers both general and customize training to staff of corporate origination with the sole objective of working on the mind of employees to increase productivity. In situations where by the HR functions of a company are outsourced completely to us will automatically result in our company taking up responsibility for all training aspect free of charge. It’s worth mention that other targeted clients under this segment include government parastals, religious settings, nonprofit organization, institutions, foreign diplomats etc.


Executive Training

1.        Management skill for admin & support staff

Learning modules

-          Overview of management

-          Introduction to computer

-          Interpersonal skills

-          Report writing

-          Communication skills

-          Work ethics

-          Role-play and cases

Who should attend?

Administrative officers, finance and accounts, HR officers, secretaries/Reception and people who are seeking knowledge in this area

2.        Corporate governance

Learning modules

-          Understanding the principles of corporate governance.

-          Corporate governance stakeholders and their roles.

-          Combined code on governance

-          Mechanisms and control of corporate governance

-          Organization performance and corporate governance

-          Corporate governance: public and private sector perspective

-          Model of corporate governance around the world

-          Cases and lessons

Who should attend?

CEOs, Directors, Deputy Directors, Assistant Directors, Senior and Middle Level Managers, Business Owners and people who are seeking for knowledge in this area.

3.        Effectives monitoring and evaluation

Learning modules

-          Overview of monitoring and evaluation

-          Introduction to standards setting

-          Setting an M & E setting

-          Working framework

-          M & E Techniques

-          Reporting

-          Cases

Who should attend?

The course is design for planning, admin and finance officers. And people who are seeking knowledge in this area can also join

4.        Project management

Learning modules

-          Introduction to project management

-          Project management tool

-          Project management methodologies

-          Planning, monitoring and control

-          Managing risk

-          Financials in project management

-          Project reporting

-          Case study

Who should attend?

CEOs, Directors, Senior and Middle Level Managers, Project Managers, Head of units, admin, Finance and accounts Officers etc.

5.        Stores and Material  Management


-          Overview

-          Stores personnel and their functions in stores management

-          Sores procurement

-          Stores custody and safekeeping

-          Inventory control

-          Modern trends in stores and material management

-          Salient issues in supply chain management

-          Cases

Who should attend?

Stores and warehouse officers, Administrative, HR, Finance and Accounts officers,

6.             Cost control and operational management

Learning modules

-          Overview

-          Understanding organization cost centres

-          Costing techniques and tool

-          Cost planning and priority setting

-          Evaluation and review

-          Costs reduction and control measures and techniques: practical approach

-          Salient issues

-          Cases and exercise

Who should attend?

Directors, managers, head of department/Unit, audit, finance and accounts officers.

7.     Finance for accounts clerks and supervisors

Learning modules

-          Introduction to financial and management accounting

-          Books of accounts: purposes and function

-          Financial control measures

-          Bank reconciliation statement

-          Final accounts

-          Introduction to accounting packages

-          Cases and exercise

Who should attend?

Supervisor, accounts, admin and HR officers

8.     Budgeting and budgetary control in the public and private sectors

Learning modules

-          Overview of budgeting and budgetary control

-          Budget preparation: techniques

-          Budget preparation: the modern tools

-          Utilizing information technology in budget preparation

-          Budget preparation: procedures and processes

-          Budget control measures

-          Budget evaluation and review

-          Cases and exercise

Who should attend?

CEOs, MP, COO, Directors, head of department/units, business owners and anyone who is interested in gaining knowledge in this area.

10.   Internal audit and control

Learning modules

-          Overview of audits

-          Internal control system: institution and implementation

-          IT and internal audit: tools and techniques

-          Fraud detection and prevention

-          Risk management

-          Communication: preparation and presentation of audit reports

-          Salient issues in internal audit

-          Cases and exercise

Who should attend?

Heads of internal audit department/units and internal audit managers/officers

11.   Computer skill for admin and secretarial officers

Learning modules

-          Introduction to information technology

-          Microsoft word 2007

-          Microsoft excel 2007

-          Microsoft power point 2007

-          Microsoft access 2007

-          Report writing and formatting

-          Utilizing internet for organization peak performance

-          E-mail and information search

-          Information storage and security

-          Cases and exercises

Who should attend?

Secretaries, receptionists, personal assistants, clerks and anyone interested in gaining knowledge in this area.

12.   Building electronic documents and records management systems

Learning modules

-          Overview of records management system

-          Introduction to electronic documentation

-          Records management in information Age

-          Electronic records in the organization

-          Records organization and structure

-          Management of electronic records

-          Design of electronics management system

-          Cases and exercises

Who should attend?

Administrative, human resources, finance and accounts officers, and anyone who wish to gain knowledge in this area.

12.   Advanced excel for finance, accounts, budget, revenue & admin. Officer

Learning modules

-          Introduction to Microsoft excel 2007

-          Insert and design

-          Tools and menu

-          Formulas: basis and advanced

-          Worksheet functionality

-          Importing and exporting

-          Report writing in excel format

-          Budget and estimate preparation

Who should attend?

Finance, accounts, budget, revenue and admin officers

14.   Effective Customer Service Delivery

Learning modules

-          Overview of customer service delivery

-          Telephone and e-mail etiquette

-          Dealing with difficult customers/clients

-          Utilizing information technology for CRM

-          LISTENING: The Heart OF communication

-          Cases and exercises

Who should attend?

Customer care officers, receptionists, marketers and administrative officers

15.   Critical selling skills in a competitive environment

Learning modules

-          Overview of customer service delivery

-          Telephone and e-mail etiquette dealing with difficult customers/clients

-          Dealing with difficult customer/clients

-          Utilizing information technology for CRM


-          CASES and exercises

Who should attend?

Customer care officers, receptionists, marketers and administrative officers

Any of the courses scheduled above can be run as in-house or modified to suit your purpose.


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