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InfoTech Consulting


This area of our operation caters for the needs of individuals & corporate clients in the following areas.

1.        Designing, Hosting and Maintenance of fully Functional Websites: the world no doubt has collapsed into a global environment. To conform to this dimension, we help place your organization on the global view by designing your site for you, we train your staff on maintaining it or we do that for you. Whichever way, we are there for you!

2.        Design & Implementation of custom built software system to meet the need of an organization: there is no doubt that we often wish we had a way to automate some of our manual services. Our goal in this respect is to come to your aid by designing a robust application that helps you achieve some level of automation in your business conduct.

3.        Office Networking: here we help you set up a computer network for your organization, integrating the various devices required for efficient performance.

4.        Office (phone) Intercom: We solve the communication need between offices in your organization by setting up a phone intercom, thus removing the need to run between offices for communication purposes.

5.        Data capturing, Processing & Generation: With the array of software available in today’s world, helping you or your organization capture its data, process and generate meaningful and useful output for profit optimization, is a child’s play for us. Just think of that convoluted and intertwined set of data and call us to your rescue. We are here because of you are there! Our goal? ----- To see you grow!

6.        Database installation, Creation & Animation: An Organization could, in this age, hardly survive without information. Helping you install, create using software that help your organization store its information is one of our priorities. So if you ever use data, store or process data, then you can use our service in this respect .Call us today.

7.        System Upgrade & Maintenance. The need for better performance often prompts us to ensure that our computer system works well. With our array of PC technicians, such service is better performed at our InfoTech department. So the experts you need to take the challenges with your Laptops and Desktop PC are available at GM Global. Wouldn’t you rather come to us?

8.        Advert Concept Generation: with the software available in today’s word, the job for creating advert concepts and the associated messages cannot be any better. So for your globally appealing advert concepts, just tell us what you want to tell others and we will help you generate the desired concept.

9.        Multimedia Services. Editing of your event’s functions’ graphics is not better handled elsewhere. We do a thorough editing of the graphics, and generate both soft and hard visuals.

Supplies: At our InfoTech business arm, there is no doubt that we are better placed to help procure your computers and do the necessary configuration for you. You can trust us to give you the best. You only need to talk to us.

Computer Business Services & Printing: our company provides a clear cut typesetting services and very aesthetic graphics for your events and generates, with our array of modern printers, crystal clear copies of your documents. You can rely on us for the privacy of your documents, and no matter their volume, we deliver on schedule. So for your Wedding invitations, Birthdays, End of year document, Exam Questions, etc. Just call us and we will be at your service   






Other InfoTech Consulting

  • Website/Web-portal design, development and maintenance
  • Web application programming
  • Hardware supply/management
  • Internet banking
  • Bulk SMS services
  • E-commerce Development/ Integration
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems
  • Document management system (DMS)
  • Hospital information system (HIS)
  • Network management
  • Database management system (DBMS)

Our service offering also include;  Systems optimisation (Business Intelligence, Consultancy and Advisory services in Business Process and Application management), ICT outsources for software Implementation & Support services

While having a culture of doing it right the first time, we bridge the digits divide through excellent client service delivery and as well embrace a habit of continuous improvement.

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