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Financial Consulting


We have well trained professional staff with wide and varied experiences in Accountancy, Taxation & Secretarial matters and financial advisory services, Management Consultancy and Debt Management Services to handle jobs professionally. GM Global Consulting Multipurpose Limited assures you of qualitative and efficient services in any of the following areas:

1.         Accounting

2.         Management Consultancy

3.         Taxation & Tax   Management

4.         Reports for special purposes, e.g., acquisition of other businesses, mergers or re-organization, liquidations, investigations into specific aspect of business.

5.         Financial Advisory Services.

6.         Training & Development.

7.         Forensic Review

8.        IFRS Training and Conversion

9.        IFRS Compliance & Advisory Services.


We provide the following accountancy services:

  • Writing up accounting books.
  • Preparing financial reports and schedules required by statutory auditors or Management.
  • Reconciliation of Account balances; e.g Cash-in-transit account, Uncleared Effect account, Imprest Account, Cheques for collection, bad & doubtful debts etc.
  • Designing, installation and monitoring of accounting systems.
  • Internal Control Assessment.
  • Computerization of accounting system.
  • And other related accounting services.

 Our firm is highly equipped with IFRS experts who are trained both home and abroad to carry out IFRS related assignments. Our IFRS team has being involved in training of various companies on IFRS implementation and reporting, preparation of IFRS complied opening balance sheet, conversion of SAS GAAP to IFRS financial statement and IFRS advisory.

Our IFRS services include;

  • Preparation of IFRS complied financial reports
  • IFRS training (Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced)
  • IFRS conversion and implementation.
  • IFRS advisory and consultancy. 

Our tax department handles both corporate and personal taxation matters. We possess the capability of tax returns, submit and negotiate with the tax authorities your annual tax computations. We also handle queries that may be raised by the tax authorities. We notify our client the tax due dates of payments, submitting/negotiating of returns etc. Where substantial capital investments or borrowing are proposed, we also provide tax-planning advice in order to arrange your affairs in the most tax effective manner. In addition, we provide individual tax planning service for senior/management staff of our clients.

 Special Corporate Tax Assignments

  • Agreeing the accounts and tax computations with the FIRS on behalf of the company, and securing letter of Clearance subject to S.48 (1).
  • Restructuring transactions and financial statements for maximum tax benefits.
  • Changing Accounting Date if necessary for maximum tax and other benefits.
  • Providing technical support during FIRS Tax Audit and attending reconciliation meetings and agreeing the accounts and tax computations with Tax Audit Branch of FIRS.
  • Consulting for Appeals and Back Duty Cases, including Tax Investigation Matters.
  • Assisting in procurement of Acceptance Certificates for Capitalized Assets from the Federal Ministry of Industry. Acceptance Certificate is one of the requirements of the FIRS for the company to enjoy and continue to enjoy Capital Allowances being claimed in lieu of depreciation for wear and tear of the use of the fixed assets in generating the taxable profit.
  •  Providing advisory services on tax matters generally and related issues.

Other Special Tax Assignments

  • VAT Accounting and processing.
  • PAYE Accounting and processing.
  • Strategic Tax Reviews and Planning
  • Expatriate Tax Accounting and Processing
  • Corporate tax planning including acquisition of fixed assets and leasing transactions.
  • Procurement of International Tax Clearance Certificate in respect of transfer of funds outside Nigeria.


Our consultancy unit renders the following consultancy services among others:

  • Analyzing profitability by products/markets
  • Responsibility accounting, profit planning and budgeting
  • Project Management
  • Preparing contract bids and proposals
  • Advising on capital needs and alternative methods of financing business growth
  • Feasibility reports
  • Business Plan
  • Manpower and personnel audit
  • Enterprises Resource Planning System.

We provide a broad range of financial advisory services for both public and private sectors of the economy. Some of these services include the following:

  • Financial projections
  • Financial planning and control
  • Profit planning and budgeting
  • Investment and venture analysis
  • Credit and collecting policies
  • Working capital management
  • Consulting on loan and credit applications

The most significance resources of an organization is often said to be her human resources. Such claims appear in organization annual report and mission statement of companies.

At GM Global Consulting Multipurpose Limited we have highly experienced professionals who are highly versatile in training organization staff in field of management, internal control etiquette and other corporate trainings that enhances good corporate governance.

Our training and development unit ensures that staffs are given regular and relevant training on the basis of needs of individuals and categories of staff that will make them meet up with their international counterpart operating in the same industry.

Kindly check our executive training section of this magazine.   


Undoubtedly, our experience with these organizations will translate into direct benefits to the Organization.  We have an intimate knowledge and understanding of the changes and opportunities of the Organization in the Nigerian environment and we have the capabilities to anticipate many of your needs rather than merely react to them.  We certainly will be able to make meaningful contributions to the Organization that will lead to substantial operating efficiencies and enhanced profitability.

Some of our notable clients include:

  • Corporate training for staff of FS Uniform Limited.
  • Statutory audit of FS Uniforms Limited
  • Non Statutory audit of Benzol Limited
  • Tax Services for Airfirst Nigeria Limited
  • Corporate training for Faxob Services
  • Management Services for Techcrunch Limited
  • Delivery of professional training to ACCA Students


Our client serve team is the conduit to establishing an excellent professional relationship with our clients.  In selecting a team to serve you, we will carefully match the technical expertise and experience of our experts in order to ensure our services are responsive to your needs.  We work very hard to give you the value that matches with international best practice.

Other consultancy services are:

  • C.A.C related services
  • Preparation of Management Accounts/ Drafted Financial Statement
  • ACCA Oxford Brooke Mentoring services
  • Library Services
  • Bookshop Services (Strictly Becker Materials
  • Professional reg. , exam entry payment services to professional bodies on behalf of students



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