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We offer best training techniques that assure us of you passing the exams at first sitting. Our tailored solution cut across all portfolios and budgets - individual, corporate or executive - so that there is one that suites you best.  


Over the years, we have developed capacities and acquired resources to deliver targeted and as well efficient end-to-end solutions to our clients across their several enterprise ICT deployments.


If you are looking to prepare for your ACCA examinations through a self-study programme, as a partner of Becker Professional Education, we can support you through an online learning programme of your choice


Our Advisory Business and Transaction services are aimed at making our clients achieve their corporate goals. We are experts in Taxation, Audit, Risk Management and Valuation.


Why Choose GM Global Consulting

Study at GM Global Consulting Multipurpose- an official partner of Becker Professional Education - ATC International  

Choosing a quality professional training consultancy partner is critical to achieving success in ACCA’s examinations. At GM Global Consulting in partnership with Becker Professional Education - ATC International we aim to provide you with the highest quality of client service, consultants, seminar programmes and materials. We work in partnership with both clients and individuals ensuring that whatever your needs are, we have a solution to suit you.   We provide you with expert tuition and ACCA Approved Study Materials to prepare you for your ACCA exams:

  • We partner with Becker Professional Education and use their ACCA Approved Content Provider materials as well as their online learning tools on our courses.  Becker has 21 years’ experience supporting ACCA students globally.
  • Becker’s ACCA students consistently achieve exam pass rates which are significantly higher than the ACCA global pass rate.
  • GM Global through its partnership with Becker can assure our students of having access to expert specialist and award winning consultants.
  • We provide you with a range of flexible seminar programmes across the country
  • You also receive additional  free support for through Becker’s Online Learning Premium Package including the new Interactive eBook

Create a work environment where our employees will not only understand operating a business but also take pride in their work. This will ensure that things get done right the first time and every time.

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